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UPDATE - Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage in North America


There are changes to how Yellow Fever vaccine is being provided to clients in Saskatchewan, starting today.

Due to a shortage across North America, clinics in Saskatchewan will be moving to fractional or partial doses of the Yellow Fever vaccine for some clients. This means, one full dose of the vaccine may be divided amongst multiple people.

One full dose of the Yellow Fever vaccine will only be made available to clients who:

  • Are travelling to a country in a current outbreak of Yellow Fever;
  • Are residing in a Yellow Fever disease risk country for more than one year; or
  • Are travelling to a country which has Yellow Fever disease risk and requires an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) for entry and/or visa requirement.

The criteria may be subject to change at any time depending on the availability of vaccine.

A partial dose of the vaccine will be provided to those who do not meet the criteria for a full dose.

For clients receiving a partial dose, this may mean two visits to your travel clinic; the first to receive a travel assessment and the second to receive the vaccine. This will help ensure no part of the vaccine is wasted. 

In Saskatchewan, Yellow Fever vaccine is only available through travel clinics in Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert.

Some clinics in Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia have already moved to offering partial doses of Yellow Fever vaccine in order to maximize the supply.

For more information about the Yellow Fever vaccine shortage, click here


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