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The Sacred Bundle


A man came to us as a part of a community focus group. Initially he came to provide feedback about programs and services, but through sharing his own story he began opening new doors to health services, including holistic Indigenous care options.

Strength of Our People - November 2016

Through compassion, humility and a holistic model of healing, health office staff are reuniting Indigenous people with the gifts of their ancestors, like the sacred bundle: revered items and teachings which guide your life.

We had to build that trust and gradually, he moved forward with support to where he is today.
By connecting him with various health care services he gained his confidence, and through collaboration with First Nation’s healers, he began repairing his connection to his own sacred bundle.
Eagle Moon Health Office

About Strength of Our People

The Strength of Our People poster series contains stories that give us a glimpse of RQHR’s commitment to excellence and values into action. These true stories shared by staff and patients are not only inspirational, but recognize those whose actions made special memories for others.

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