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The Big Crunch


Regina Education and Action on Child Hunger (REACH), in partnership with United Way Regina and the RQHR Health Promotion Department, is holding the fourth annual Big Crunch.

Big Crunch
Students take part in last year’s Big Crunch event.

On October 14, students, teachers and parents across the province will be biting down into locally grown carrots all at once making a big CRUNCH sound in celebration of World Food Day. Last year, over 15,000 student participated in Saskatchewan. The theme for World Food Day this year is, “Climate is changing: food and agriculture must too.” Growing our own food and eating more locally is one positive change that we can make as more than 60 per cent of our vegetables come from outside of Canada.

The Big Crunch is an opportunity for kids to learn where our food comes from, to celebrate and support locally grown food (from a local farm or school garden), and most importantly, it provides an opportunity for kids to enjoy healthy foods in a fun environment. Research shows that positive experiences with and exposure to healthy foods has a greater impact on future eating habits than education on healthy eating alone. 

“We want to associate healthy eating as an enjoyable, tasty experience, not as a chore or duty,” said Chelsea Brown, health educator, registered dietitian with RQHR. “When kids have positive experiences and associations with healthy foods, healthy eating becomes an easier part of daily living for the years to come.”

A Big Crunch educator resource package can be downloaded here and for more information on World Food Day, click here.