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Temporary Water Shutoff at Pasqua Hospital


UPDATE: Please be advised the water shut off at Pasqua Hospital, scheduled for planned improvements and maintenance to the water and sewer lines, is now complete. All water sources and usage are back to normal. Thank you to our patients and families for their patience and to our staff for coordinating and completing this important work.

Patients, visitors and staff at Regina’s Pasqua Hospital will experience a water disruption Saturday night and Sunday morning due to planned improvements and maintenance to the water and sewer lines.

"In order to minimize the inconvenience to our patients and limit the impact on services, we have scheduled this work from 8 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 20 through to 7 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 21,” said Andre Kroeger, executive director, Facilities Management, Saskatchewan Health Authority. “To accommodate this work, water will be shut off to the entire building, but we will ensure alternate water supplies and washrooms are available.”

Most areas of the facility will be able to use drains and sewers, except for one section of the hospital which includes the Emergency Department, Security, the Intensive Care Unit, the laboratory, and medicine inpatient units on the third and fourth floors. Patients and staff in these areas will have access to washrooms in other sections of the hospital and stand-alone hand-wash facilities. Signs will be in place to indicate the location of available washrooms and to explain water and sanitation protocols.

Bottled water will be available for all patients, and for staff and visitors as required; staff and visitors are encouraged to bring their own bottles with them as well, and to refill them prior to the shutoff.

Once water service is restored, lines will be flushed to remove sediments and tested for safety. Patients and visitors are advised to expect noise during this process.

“We are making every effort to maintain safe and quality care for our patients and ensure they have access to as many amenities as possible during the disruption,” said Kroeger. “We will update our communication once services have returned to normal.”

The fire protection system will not be impacted by the water shutoff as it runs off a separate fixed line.


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