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Stroke Prevention Clinic changes reduce patient wait


“We’re providing timely care in a more efficient way that’s convenient to the patient. Early action can prevent future strokes. It can save mobility or save a life.” Dr. Zia Rehman Neurologist RPIW 84

Dr. Zia Rehman with Stroke Prevention Clinic staff.
Pictured are members of the Stroke Prevention Clinic team.

People with stroke-like symptoms – who have been assessed and referred to the Stroke Prevention Clinic for preventative follow up – are now seen by the clinic, on average, within three to five days post-referral, rather than the previous six to eight. The clinic improved access by consolidating office and clinic services on Regina General Hospital’s fifth floor and by providing services three mornings a week, rather than the previous one full day and one half day. Service changes include providing same-day diagnostic tests and ensuring clients are booked for follow ups before leaving the clinic when required.