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Stories from our resident centenarians - Part 2: A hundred years of happiness - Celebrating a Region Centenarian


She has more life experience than most but the energy and spirit of youth.

Roma Inglis has a zest for life, and loves to get involvedand.

“When we play our balloon games, my stomach hurts sometimes from laughing so hard. There probably isn’t a game that goes by that Roma’s shoe doesn’t come flying off as she kicks at the balloon,” said Karen Souchotte, Recreation Coordinator at Golden Prairie Home in Indian Head. “She gets her arms swinging and her legs kicking, I laugh so hard.”

“I love all the music here. I love to sing and dance,” Roma Inglis said of her time at Golden Prairie Home. “If I sit in my room too long, I get bored. I like to keep busy.”

At 101 and half Inglis has no problem finding things to do, and she still lights up a room.
“I always look forward to my time with Roma because I always know I’m in for a good laugh,” Souchotte said.

Born in a cottage hospital in Regina on January 3, 1915, Inglis spent her whole life in Regina.
“My mom and dad owned Yarnton’s Decorating Company, and I worked there all my working years,” she said. “I helped my mom with the accounting and looking after the books.”

While at a skating rink one day, she met a handsome man from Lumsden. He played for the Regina Pats hockey team. Inglis fell in love, and the two got married.

“My husband was a goaltender for the Regina Pats, then played for the Rover’s farm team in New York,” Inglis said. “I didn’t live there with him though, I just visited,” she added.

The couple had two sons, Jim and Bill. Jim became a veterinarian and Bill owned a photo shop. While raising her boys, Inglis found joy in playing cards with friends and neighbours.

Roman and Murphy
Any day Murphy the dog comes to visit is an extra special day for Roma.

“My favourite thing to do was to play cards. I knitted all my life, too. I even knit myself a coral dress,” she said. Now at more than 100 years old, Inglis’ affection for animals of all kinds has not dimmed.

“I love animals. I love it when animals come to visit here, especially when the baby lambs came. Oh it was a thrill to hold them,” she said. “I couldn’t wait to tell my son Jim because I never got to hold an animal like that before.” And, when Murphy the dog comes to visit, Inglis is the first in line for puppy kisses.

Inglis still talks to her sister on the phone every week. When her granddaughter visits, she still plays cards with her, too.

“It was my granddaughter who suggested I live at Golden Prairie Home as it was close to her,” Inglis said. “I like it here; it’s a lovely place. The meals are good. It’s the best place I’ve been.”

It is not only her love for her surroundings that’s inspiring, her passion for people and staying active is something most can only hope to achieve.

“I am so blessed to have met Roma. Her zest for life is inspiring,” Souchotte said.