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Stopping the spread of superbugs


“Antimicrobial resistance is going to affect all of us. This is why we need to take action. We need to think of antimicrobials the same way we think of non-renewable resources, like oil: every prescription we use now is one less prescription we’ll be able to use in the future.” Dr. Jessica Minion Medical Microbiologist RPIW 85

The Antimicrobial Stewardship Program was launched in 2016 to ensure the Region applies the most effective practices and processes when using antimicrobials – antibiotics, anti-virals and antifungals. The program includes the monitoring of medication prescribing habits to ensure antimicrobials are used only when needed. Overuse of these medications has become widespread and has caused certain bacteria, viruses and fungi to become resistant to drugs.

The program helps ensure patients are given the right drugs, in the right dose, for the right length of time and in the right route (by mouth or intravenously).
Each of us is responsible for good stewardship.