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Some Surgeries and Procedures at Pasqua Hospital Can Proceed on Wednesday


Surgery and procedure scheduling is in the process of returning to normal following a ventilation equipment failure Monday that resulted in the postponement of all surgeries and some procedures at Pasqua Hospital on Tuesday.

“Through the dedicated work of our staff and managers overnight and this morning, we have made significant progress in the cleaning and sterilization of equipment and instruments required to resume providing surgeries and procedures scheduled at Pasqua Hospital,” said Sharon Garratt, Vice President Integrated Health Services.
“I am grateful to all of our staff for their efforts, and for pulling together and assisting in helping us through this challenge, so we could return to providing safe, quality patient care to our surgery and procedure patients as quickly as possible.”
A ventilation system fan belt failure Monday afternoon resulted in small particles of debris being blown through a portion of the Pasqua Hospital’s ventilation system on Monday, affecting the hospital’s medical equipment sterilization area. As a result, the Medical Device Reprocessing Department and all of the equipment in it required thorough re-cleaning and sanitizing before the equipment could be safely used for patients.
The updated status for surgeries and procedures at Pasqua Hospital as of 2 p.m. Tuesday is:
  • Elective surgeries scheduled for Wednesday have been postponed, but elective surgeries are expected to resume on Thursday as usual. All affected patients have been notified.
  • Emergency surgeries and a few select specialized surgeries that require Pasqua Hospital operating room equipment will proceed.
  • There is no further impact on outpatient procedures from this issue, and all scheduled procedures can proceed beginning Wednesday morning.

“We again extend our sincere apologies to our patients for this disruption. Patients are already being contacted to reschedule their surgeries and procedures,” Garratt said.

In total, 60 surgeries and 25 procedures were postponed as a result of this issue. The surgeries and procedures were all elective, and involved orthopedics, urology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery and general surgery patients. No emergency surgery cases arose at Pasqua Hospital that required transfer to the Regina General Hospital.

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