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Solutions support staff with work attendance


“The Attendance Support Program’s new process is fantastic. It not only takes work off my desk, it’s a reliable way of keeping track of employees with high incidental sick time. I can visualize incidental sick time actually decreasing.” Connie Fiorante Nursing Unit Manager RPIW 89

Connie Fiorante, Kari Doering
Connie Fiorante, a manager, meets with Kari Doering, an attendance consultant.

Changes introduced by the Attendance Support Program are helping managers more easily identify and support employees who have a high rate of incidental sick time. A new electronic tool pinpoints the highest incidental sick time users in any work area within 30 minutes. The previous process took significantly more time. As a result of improvements to skill-task alignment, managers now spend 99 per cent less time setting up an employee attendance meeting (from 13 minutes to five seconds) and the total amount of time needed to book meetings has been reduced by 90 per cent (from 35 hours 10 minutes to three hours 39 minutes). Please note that both pre- and post- times include interruptions and time spent waiting for responses. Improvements are expected to be adopted region-wide in 2017.

RPIW 89 Attendance Support Poster

Published: 08-Oct-2016