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SEICC Moosomin LTC Olympic games


It was a sight to see – recreation staff at the SEICC Moosomin Long Term Care (LTC) facility, pushing each other around in a wheelchair throughout the resident’s dining rooms, holding and passing a homemade Olympic torch.

Long Term Care Residents
Resident teams are awarded their trophies from the SEICC Moosomin LTC Olympic games.

That is how they kicked off the SEICC Moosomin LTC Olympic games. The next day, their 2016 Summer Olympics began.

About 25 volunteers from the community floated in and out of the recreation room assisting residents, facilitating events and taking scores throughout the day. Residents were grouped by their houses: Poppy Place, Harvest Haven, Crocus Cove and Whispering Pines and were competing against each other, as each house represented its own “country.”

Long Term Care Residents
Residents take part in nerf gun darts.

They competed in individual events and one team event in the afternoon. The events included: javelin toss (using pool noodles), ladder ball, paper plane toss, puzzle challenges, stacking apples, darts with nerf guns, Frisbee toss through Olympic rings made out of hula hoops, a rubber duck shoot out, sticky situation – bouncing a ping pong ball onto an open face peanut butter sandwich – and chair hockey.

After a very busy, competitive, fun-filled day of laughs, the recreation staff added up the scores between all four houses. On August 5, recreation staff hosted a medal ceremony. This included all residents, staff and volunteers who wanted to come. Here, they shared more laughs.

Long Term Care Residents
Pool noodle javelin toss event.

The gold medal trophy went to Harvest Haven with a total of 2,069 points. Silver went to Poppy Place with a total of 1,901 points. The bronze trophy winner was Crocus Cove with 1,768 points. And last, but not least, The Better Luck Next Year trophy went to Whispering Pines house with a total of 1,425. Each trophy now sits on the fire mantel in its house until next year.