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Safer care for surgical patients


"We have much quicker access to food and we have meals available after hours. Most patients are starving when their surgeries are cancelled. they're much happier with a real meal instead of toast." Shelley Montenegro Registered Nurse Mistake Proofing Project No. 17

Shelley Montenegro, RN, and Don Anslow, patient
Shelley Montenegro, RN, serves Don Anslow, patient, his meal.

All pre-operative patients at Pasqua Hospital whose surgeries have been cancelled now get food and fluid within a reasonable time after cancellation.

Previously, 25 per cent remained without food and fluid for an indeterminate length of time because their cancellations were not conveyed to the appropriate staff.

Staff implemented work standards and improved their communication practices to bring about this improvement.

Fasting for extended lengths of time can cause discomfort and be a health risk for patients with medical issues.