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Rural ambulance patients waiting less


“Patients don’t wait as long for diagnostics and for the consultant to diagnose them and make a plan. In the past, some patients would wait as long as 10 hours to see a physician.” Odile Longpre Emergency Room Charge Nurse RPIW 74

Rural patients travelling by ambulance to Regina General to meet with a consulting physician now spend at least 50 per cent less time waiting in Emergency (from eight hours to under four) before learning whether they will be admitted to hospital.

RQ Bed Line now coordinates a call amongst the home practitioner, the charge nurse and the consulting medicine physician before the patient’s ambulance travel is arranged. Medicine physicians include gastroenterologists, nephrologists, neurologists, general internal medicine specialists, hospitalists, and others. The health care providers establish the patient arrival time and required diagnostics. This pre-planning not only results in less waiting for patients but also paramedics, who must wait with patients until an admission decision is made.

Changes are to be adopted by Pasqua Hospital and all consulting specialists.