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Regina EMS, ER and surgery patients rise due to icy conditions


Residents are urged to take care outdoors, as Regina’s health care facilities are seeing increased injuries requiring treatment due to icy weather conditions.

Pasqua Hospital and Regina General Hospital emergency departments are each designed with 33 stretchers. Last night, patient numbers peaked at 68 at Pasqua’s Emergency and 81 at Regina General Hospital’s Emergency, mainly due to injuries caused by the weather conditions. As of 10 AM there were 11 orthopedic patients in the Pasqua’s emergency department and four in Regina General’s. 

As many as seven elective surgeries have also been postponed today to accommodate a surge of emergent, mostly orthopedic, surgeries. We apologize to those elective surgery patients who were affected by this and will work to reschedule these elective surgeries as soon as possible. 
Regina’s EMS responded to more than 30 fall-related calls for service in a 12 hour period Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning. EMS services from four different communities, which had transported patients to Regina earlier Tuesday, assisted Regina EMS in making patient transfers. Regina EMS thanks those EMS crews, from Indian Head, Moosomin, Milestone and Melville for their assistance. 
While icy conditions persist, Regina EMS urges extra caution while sidewalks and streets are covered in ice. Anyone who has difficulty getting around is encouraged to stay inside until sidewalks and streets are salted or sanded.

If you fall:

  • Try not to panic. Rest for a moment and evaluate whether you are injured and if you can get up.
  • If you have sustained an injury, support the injury with your hand, or use a cushion or items of clothing to prevent unnecessary movement. Supporting the injury may give pain relief and prevent further damage.
  • Apply cold compress to the injury site and elevate it if possible for a maximum of 15 minutes to relieve swelling. If there is no improvement seek medical advice.
  • If the injured area is obviously deformed, significantly painful or requires transport, call 911. 
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