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Quality and Safety news: medical aid in dying and incomplete medical records


Medical aid in dying

Federal legislation is now in place in this clears the way for protection for participation by doctors, nurse practitioners and those who could support them including nursing and pharmacists staff. Education sessions three and CMA are available online as well as face-to-face sessions in Vancouver in September in Toronto in November. All those who are interested are urged to take the online education course and some may choose to do the face-to-face course and become providers of the service. No one will ever be compelled to be a provider.

As the Federal Legislation has been passed, each region is required to have a contact person for consideration of possible provision of the service. In Regina, that contact person is currently the SMO, Dr. George Carson. 

If you are interested in being part of the team to provide the service, please contact Dr. George Carson at

There is access for specific requests for consideration for provision of the service by email to or by telephone at 306-766-4551.

For those wishing to provide Medical Aid in Dying, there will be CMA sponsored courses online for general information and face- to-face courses in Vancouver in September and in Toronto in November. That information is available at the CMA website.

Incomplete medical records

The timely and accurate completion of discharge summaries is important for patient care, for continuity of care in the community. It is also required by legislation, by the Practitioner Staff Bylaws and by our Rules. Most of the doctors are both busy and managed to keep their records under control some have not learned that skill. It is a pleasure to report that with considerable prompting the number of incomplete records is coming down. It would be much better if it could be accomplished that way than to have to use any part of the discipline process.