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Prostate Pathway and Stroke Alert Information


​RQHR Prostate Assessment Pathway: Updates to the Pathway

The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region along with the Ministry of Health have made some enhancements to the Prostate Assessment Pathway that will ensure that men get timely and appropriate care for the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. The pathway allows family physicians to refer men directly for prostate cancer diagnostic testing. The real change is the addition of a nurse navigator who will provide support, education and counselling to the patient and their family. Information regarding their diagnosis and treatment options are shared so that the patient knows what to expect and can choose the treatment option that is best for him.

In creating enhancements to the pathway, the referral form was also reviewed. There are three important changes that you should be aware of:

1.PSA Test: Note the change in the length of time between tests for patients with an elevated PSA.

2.Special Alerts: Note the change to the boxes for anticoagulation agents and antiplatelet agents.

3.Authorizations for Treatment: This is a new addition to the form which allows you to designate a urologist you would like your patient to be referred to as well as an indicator that you authorize the nurse navigator to contact your patient to discuss their biopsy results as well as provide information regarding treatment options.

Through the Prostate Assessment Pathway patients have a greater opportunity to reflect on their treatment options before making their choice between the types of surgeries or radiation.

Below are links to important documents that will be beneficial to you and your patients.

Information for patients can be found at

Information for providers can be found at

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