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Media Backgrounder - Regina Pioneer Village


The health and safety of our residents is our greatest priority and commitment, and we continually monitor all of our facilities for any infrastructure issues that may impact our ability to provide safe, quality care.

As part of ongoing maintenance and monitoring of Regina Pioneer Village, the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) received an assessment in April 2018 that identified the continued presence of mould in the facility. As a result, steps are being taken to further remediate affected areas of the facility and coordinate the move of 94 residents, which will occur in the coming weeks.

Facility Maintenance

Due to the age and condition of Regina Pioneer Village, it is continually monitored for infrastructure issues. Any new issues are identified and quickly responded to, to ensure the SHA continues to provide safe, quality care to the residents it currently serves.

Enhanced mould containment measures will be immediately put into place, and existing mould abatement and remediation initiatives will continue. Immediate action will be taken if the need to close additional rooms or areas of the facility is identified.

Impact to Residents

In the coming weeks, the SHA is planning the move of 94 residents from the impacted areas to available spaces in the community, other SHA long-term care facilities or within Regina Pioneer Village. Sixty-five residents reside in the hostel unit and the remaining 29 reside in six other long-term care units throughout the building.

The SHA will ensure residents’ health and safety needs continue to be met during the move and in their new surroundings. Following the resident moves, the impacted areas of Regina Pioneer Village will then be assessed to determine which rooms will be remediated or closed.

Regina Pioneer Village is not currently accepting new resident admissions, and efforts will be made to continue to relocate existing residents to other suitable options as they are available.

Long-Term Care Services in Regina

The SHA and Ministry of Health are developing options regarding the future of long-term care services in Regina, and specifically the services provided by Regina Pioneer Village. This could include continued maintenance at Pioneer Village, construction of a facility, or alternative long-term care options through community-based partnerships, or looking at new ways of providing services within other SHA long-term care facilities.


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