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Patient-centred care, even in the parking lot.


The compassion shown by a region parking attendant offered one woman the care she needed where she least expected it.

“When I was leaving the hospital one night after visiting with mom, he noticed I was in distress. He asked what was wrong and the floodgates opened.”


His reaction blew her away. “I was crying in the parking lot, and he just listened to me. He was so kind and attentive.”

After that night, the parking attendant proved a welcome sight on every visit, of which there were many.

“I am so grateful for the care and compassion shown to me and my family. His kindness helped me get through this difficult time, and he even gave us tips to save money on parking.”


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The Strength of Our People poster series contains stories that give us a glimpse of RQHR’s commitment to excellence and values into action. These true stories shared by staff and patients are not only inspirational, but recognize those whose actions made special memories for others.

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