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Making the Flu Shot Fashionable: Influenza Immunization Clinics Open Today


Dean Renwick, one of Saskatchewan’s leading fashion designers, is rolling up his sleeve at the annual influenza immunization clinic in Regina today, as clinics open across the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR). It comes down to protecting yourself and others from the flu.

“In order to be protected early, we encourage everyone to schedule time to get a flu shot and take advantage of the mass clinics provided throughout the Region,” said Morag Granger, Manager of Clinical Services for Public Health Nursing, Population and Public Health Services, RQHR. “It’s important that people get their immunization every year, to protect themselves and those around them against the strains of virus expected this flu season.”

“It’s important for me to get immunized to help protect myself and my clients from the flu bug,” Renwick said. “With a fashion company and interacting with clients on a daily basis, I want to make sure I am healthy and my clientele remain so. I am also encouraging my whole staff to get their shot as well to keep us healthy during a very busy season. It’s not just about protecting ourselves, it’s about protecting others too.”

While the influenza immunization is free to everyone, some people are at higher risk than others and should definitely take the time to get to a clinic.

These higher risk groups include:
  • Persons with chronic health conditions such as:
    • Lung and/or heart disease;
    • Asthma;
    • Diabetes mellitus;
    • Neurological conditions;
    • Cancer;
    • Kidney disease; and
    • Children on long term aspirin therapy.
  • Adults 65 years of age and older;
  • Pregnant women in all trimesters;
  • Persons with severe obesity;
  • Residents of nursing homes and other care facilities;.
  • Children from six months up to and including 59 months of age (younger than five years old)* 
  • Household and close contacts of infants who are less than six months of age.
*NOTE: Children younger than nine years of age need two doses one month apart to be protected if they have not previously received an influenza immunization.

The vaccine is also recommended for family members in close contacts of those at risk, health care workers, health science students and employees of certain industries such as poultry and hog farming.

The flu vaccine will be offered through public health clinics across the province, some physicians and nurse practitioner offices. RQHR is focused on health care services that are patient-centered and commit to providing access to immunization services in your community. The mass clinics begin October 31 and are located at various locations and times throughout the region – please see RQHR’s website for complete clinic schedules.