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Less waiting, more choices for residents


"Having the pace slowed and allowing our residents the option to be taken to the dining room when they want allows us time to do the little extras, like help a resident put on her jewelry.” Melisa Berglind CCA RPIW 82

Melisa Berglind, E. Shirley Gwilliam
Melisa Berlind, CCA, with resident E. Shirley Gwilliam.

Changes in work practices at Grenfell Pioneer Home mean that residents wait 86 per cent less (12 min) before being assisted to breakfast and have a choice of either hot or cold continental breakfast items if they prefer to eat after 9 a.m.

Because staff now prep the night before, morning cooks spend 34 per cent less time (13 min.) setting up the dining room for breakfast.

By standardizing the placement of care items in all resident rooms, continuing care assistants now walk 56 per cent less when performing residents’ morning care.