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Less waiting for Heart Function Clinic clients


“Once I get there, it’s really fast. You go to one section for the ECG [electrocardiogram] and walk about 40 feet away and everything else gets done. The doctor, the pharmacist and [the registered nurse] are all right there.” Rick Balliett Client RPIW 28

Registered Nurse Brenda Hiebert with client Rick Balliett.

Improvements at the Heart Function Clinic at Pasqua Hospital mean clients now experience 87 per cent fewer appointment cancellations (fewer than 3 a month) and 38 per cent less waiting. In 2015, there is an average of 25 clients waiting 4-6 weeks for an appointment – down from 40 in 2012. Clients are required to move less during appointments as clinicians now come to them and patients have access to a pharmacist, a dietitian (on request), a nurse and a cardiologist at each visit.