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Improved reliability of allergy information


"This change allows for consistent information to be passed to all health care professionals in all services. There are now fewer errors in allergy information which is safer for patients." Rebecca Ermel Registered Nurse MP No. 26

Rebecca Ermel, RN, MP No. 26
Rebecca Ermel, RN, says the new process allows for more consistent allergy information.

Patients in the core area of all Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region emergency departments now have peace of mind knowing that their allergy information is properly documented and that staff refers to a single source for this information.

Previously, multiple parties recorded allergy details on multiple documents – no single document was the definitive source. Defects (illegibility, inaccuracy, missing information) ranged from 26 per cent to 92 per cent.
To amend this problem, staff created an electronic nursing assessment form which is used for all “core” patients and can only be completed if the allergy status is included.