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Four Directions Celebrates Milestone Achievement


It was a celebration to experience, not only observe.

Four Direction Event
Dancers, drummers, a traditional powwow and prayers from community elders were all part of Four Directions Community Health Clinic’s 20th anniversary celebration.

With more than a dozen dancers and drummers, a traditional powwow and prayers from community elders, the Four Directions Community Health Centre’s 20th anniversary celebration was both powerful and heartwarming.

“Being part of a grand entry brought tears to my eyes,” said Rena Kim, public health nurse at Four Directions. “I felt a connection between what Four Directions used to be and the limitless possibilities of what it will become.”

When the health centre opened its door in the inner-city neighborhood of North Central Regina 20 years ago, it had three programs: Healthiest Baby Possible, Sunrise Health and Aboriginal Community Development. Twenty years later, the clinic has definitely expanded, now offering dozens of programs run by more than 35 employees.
“It’s important we recognize what’s been accomplished here, and this isn’t simply a region success story. This clinic would not be what it is today without the support of this community throughout the last two decades,” said Natalie Jones, primary health care manager at Four Directions. “This clinic is for this community, a safe place that brings together culture and health care.”

Four Directions Event.

A main goal of the health centre is to offer support to community residents, particularly Indigenous people, in taking greater control over their own health, while striving to balance physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It’s a place of caring, learning and healing that addresses personal needs and the cultural, social and economic realities that determine health.

The clinic’s success is built on the fact it collaborates with community groups and agencies to co-ordinate services delivered from the client’s perspective.

“We’re here to enhance the quality of the community by encouraging caring and compassionate relationships and action among community members,” Jones said. “We work with the changing needs of our diverse population to enrich lives through supportive and nurturing services.”

Jones believes that’s what has allowed the centre to remain strong over the past 20 years.
“This celebration made me feel an overwhelming sense of pride for our community, our families and the children who danced knowing that they will continue to pass on an amazing piece of culture and identity to their families. What an honour to be a part of this event and celebrate such hard work both the community and staff have contributed over the years,” said Kim.

Four Directions Community Health Centre would like to thank Eagle Moon Health Office for all their upport with this event.