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Eye Centre impressing community doctors


One physician in the community is thrilled with the work done in the region’s Eye Centre, and he’s telling everyon

“Patients routinely return to our office stating how much they enjoyed the Eye Centre experience. Their comments include: informative, friendly staff, efficient, on time and an overall pleasant experience,” said Dr. Kelly Schweitzer, a Regina ophthalmologist.

The Eye Centre provides specialized eye services to residents of southern Saskatchewan. Dr. Schweitzer is impressed with how effective Eye Centre employees are at getting the job done.
“The front staff are excellent. Every time I have spoken to them on the phone, they are courteous and go out of their way to be helpful, and I appreciate this. I also appreciate their phone calls with extra openings for tests, and I know my team enjoys the pleasant interactions when booking, rescheduling etc.,” he said.

About how the region Eye Centre handles Biometries and pentacams – two procedures requiring precise measurements, Dr. Schweitzer had two words, “good job.” “I know these can be time consuming and challenging with certain patients,” he said.

Despite this, the Eye Centre team provides accurate measurements and is informative about calling with any questions or concerns. “Receiving a phone call from a technician about a concern they have is very reassuring to me as it shows the care and attention everyone is putting into these tests. These can be extremely important to patients undergoing cataract surgery and can have lifetime effects on glasses errors and the cataract surgery outcomes,” he said, adding he’s impressed with the “excellent attention to detail and accuracy.” Vision, pressure, diagnostic work ups and in-clinic support, according to Dr. Schweitzer, are all excellent, too.

“I work most directly with the staff here, and everyone is extremely helpful and dedicated to keeping the clinic moving. I am very impressed with the eagerness to learn my preferences. At times, I turn around and things are being done before I can even ask,” he said.

Patients appreciate the knowledge and information they receive from nurses and support staff, he said, adding that despite how busy the clinic is, staff continue to show their professionalism.

“The friendly demeanour and willingness to share information is much appreciated by myself and the patient,” he said. “I feel like there’s a great team attitude with everyone pulling the same cart. From my perspective, it seems as though everyone is engaged and working towards a common goal which is a commitment to excellence in patient care, which is what we are here for.”

Located within the Pasqua Hospital, the Eye Centre provides general eye care, diagnostic eye tests, specialized therapies, minor eye surgeries, ophthalmic resources and patient education. On average, the Eye Centre performs 21,000 procedures each year. The Eye Centre also offers several clinics that focus on specific ophthalmic needs of clients. Low Vision Clinic, Orthoptics and a satellite unit of the Eye Bank of Saskatchewan are all located in the centre. The Eye Centre also participates in ongoing national and international research and educational projects and has many links to other related community and professional organizations.