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Event helps Respiratory Therapy work smarter


“Increasing the flow within the department allows us to spend more time at the patient's bedside rather than looking for supplies." Melissa Wood Respiratory Therapist Resp. TTT 5S

Melissa Wood
Melissa Wood says the project has freed up more time for patient care.

An improvement event at the main storage room of Regina General Hospital’s Respiratory Services Department has reduced unnecessary stock by 17 per cent; decreased the amount of walking required to get intubation supplies by 58 per cent (from 114 ft. to 48 ft.); and reduced the time required to gather intubation supplies by 71 per cent (from 1 min. 37 to sec. 28 sec.). Improvements were gained by grouping similar supplies together and by storing frequently used supplies near the storage room entrance and on moveable carts. Standards were developed to ensure the changes are sustained.

5S - Respiratory Therapy - Poster

Published: 30-Sep-2016