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Enovation Replacement: Changes to Face and Pink Sheets and New Patient Billing


​Changes to Face and Pink Sheets

The RQHR is implementing a new registration system, Sunrise Enterprise Registration (SER), scheduled for November 2016. As such, there is opportunity to make improvements related to Face and Pink sheets.

What is Changing?

  • Face sheets will be eliminated at the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre, Regina General and Pasqua Hospitals
  • Outpatient/Emergency Pink Sheets will be standardized

When is the Change expected?

  • Target date for both changes is October 3, 2016

How do I access information that was on the face sheet?

  • All information contained on the face sheet can be accessed electronically via Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) in the urban sites.

What format will the pink sheets be taking?

  • Pink sheets will be standardizing to the 4-part pink sheet currently used at the Regina General Hospital with the addition of lines to text boxes and requirement of site (pink sheet can follow patients between sites).

Patient Alerts and Billing

September 9 , 2016

Providing safe, high quality care to our patients is Job #1 , and with patient registration most often the starting point for service access, the replacement of the Enovation registration system with Sunrise Enterprise Registration (SER) ensures a reliable, integrated patient registration system that interfaces with users and other patient care and service applications.

System testing is underway, and temporary orders in Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) to manage requisitions will be available in advance of the implementation of the SER system. Many of the smaller ancillary systems, such as the medical administration database, and the “downtime” database are already using information from SCM.

On August 11, a workshop was held with stakeholders for review of patient alerts (i.e. Maternal Alert, Anesthetic Risk, Code White, Infection Control) where currently alerts are recorded in Enovation. The workshop concluded with the development of a future state, where patient alerts will be put into SCM and identified as “Comments” or “Health Information.”

The new patient billing system was implemented on September 1, 2016 - thus reaching one of the major project milestones.

Project Go-Live is planned for the end of this year. Work is continuing on processes, data standard changes and the development of training materials.

As this exciting project moves forward, please watch for updates and implementation dates that will continue to come your way! Please take the time to share this information with your departments/teams at your wall walks.

Project Contact Information :

Randy Orban
Project Manager - Enovation Replacement Project

Sharon Cazakoff
Director - Knowledge and Technology Services