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EMS: Ready in minutes


“This has saved us an immense amount of time. We can tell with a quick scan exactly what’s on the truck and what we need to re-stock. When you’re under pressure, and seconds count, knowing you have what you need is important.” Mark Sulymka Advanced Care Provider RPIW 43

Mark Sulymka Advanced Care Provider
Mark Sulymka Advanced Care Provider, stock his ambulance unit.

Emergency Medical Services staff have reduced the amount of time they need to check and restock an ambulance at the start of each shift from 30 to 5 minutes – an 84 per cent improvement. Staff increased their efficiency by kitting and labelling supplies for all 17 ambulances and by eliminating more than 1,000 seldom-used and duplicate items. This new process ensures ambulances are fully stocked and ready for emergencies. The expectation is that by reducing duplicate items, fewer supplies will expire before they can be used.

RPIW 43 EMS: Ready in Minutes Poster

Published: 17-Feb-2016