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EMS Driving Training Drill


The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel will be conducting a driver review of emergency vehicle operations on Thursday, May 11, 2017, and wishes to advise the public of the location involved so as not to cause any unnecessary alarm.

From approximately 12:30pm to 15:30 the EMS team will be practising at the Global Transportation Hub (GTH), in an area near Rotary Avenue and Sharp Bay on the far west side of the GTH.

RQHR paramedics are reviewing driving techniques to ensure our EMS vehicles are operated in a safe and efficient way. As a part of Accreditation Canada requirements, this process must be performed regularly for all RQHR paramedics.

Anyone in the area will notice EMS ambulances, which may or may not have lights and sirens on. Other than the sight of EMS staff training at these locations, there should be no disruption to dispatch of paramedics for emergency calls, nor to the usual everyday activities in the area.


For More Information:
Anne Lindemann
Communications Consultant
RQHR Communications
Phone: 306-766-0889