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Changes improve shift handover, resident care


“Each team has a report document that applies to their residents. The process is faster and the information is up to date.” Sharon Ackles, CCA “Before, we’d write the information we needed on a sheet of paper. Now, it’s in the handover report.” Aarin Keller, CCA RPIW 79

Sharon Ackles, Aarin Keller
Sharon Ackles, CCA, and Aarin Keller, also a CCA, say shift handovers are now more efficient.

An event at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre’s (WRC) Unit 2-6 has created work standards that have improved resident safety and made shift handovers shorter and more meaningful.

The time staff spends documenting resident information has been reduced 68 per cent. The time required to share information at shift handovers, reduced by 57 per cent.

Staff now track residents’ tests/appointments electronically and receive alerts when one comes due. Shift-handover changes will be implemented in the remaining six WRC units shortly.