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Board approves business plans


At their meeting on July 20th the RQHR Board approved the budget as submitted by the Senior Leadership Team. As a result, the Business Plan submitted was approved for implementation. The plan has three areas of focus: Quality and Safety, Patient Access and Flow, and Sustainability.

Within the focus area of Quality and Safety, there are 9 project areas and many of those have significant impacts on physicians and practitioners. The 9 are:

  • Launch of the Computerized Provider Order Entry using Sunrise Clinical Manager; 
  • Development of the Medical Quality Plan; 
  • Implementation of Medication Reconciliation on admission, transfer and discharge; 
  • Implementation of the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program; 
  • Improving Appropriateness in all aspects of care; 
  • Infection Prevention and Control; 
  • Implementation of an Open Family Presence Policy; 
  • Implementation of a Stop the Line Program; and
  • Implementation of a Violence Prevention Program.

Within the focus area of Patient Access and Flow the following programs are planned:

  • Evaluation of the Accountable Care Unit;
  • Establishment of the COPD Pathway;
  • Implementation of a central referral management system and electronic documentation for management of clients with Mental Health and Addiction issues;
  • Improve flow in the ED through:
    • Implementation of the Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic
    • Reassess the alignment of physician, nursing and other staff resources within the ED
    • Access to diagnostic services

    Reducing the numbers of Admit No Bed patients by the following:

    • Implementation of a new model of service delivery in General Internal Medicine
    • Enhancing the medical bed capacity
    • Standardizing the program of care across all medical inpatient units

    Complete an analysis of the gaps in our care for seniors within our Region.

Within the Sustainability area of focus, the following activities are planned:

  • Replace the Admission Discharge and Transfer System;
  • Development and Implementation of the Physician Resource Plan;
  • Define, develop and implement a program to enhance the culture of accountability for staff and physicians;
  • Expand research and academic capacity
  • Development and implementation of the Human Resource Plan;
  • Development of a Capital Asset and Capital Equipment Plan;
  • Improve the management of staff resources, supplies and inventories.

This work will place considerable stress on all involved not only those who are leading the programs but particularly those that are impacted by the resulting changes. If anyone wishes to be involved in any of the activity above or if you want any further information please do not hesitate to call me at 306 766 3505 or email me at I will give quarterly updates on progress.