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A Healing Hero


Bedridden, nauseous and constantly in pain. This was not what one patient thought her life would be at 28 years old.

Strength of Our People Poster
Strength of Our People - July 2016

It all changed when she found a nephrologist trialing an innovative procedure. It was going through its trial phase, but the doctor believed he could help her pain and was willing to try.

“For once I felt like a person and not an issue,” she recalls. “What got me most was his genuine concern for me.”

“He came in like a superhero in a cape.”

One week after surgery she no longer needed pain medication. Thanks to his compassion and innovation, she is now back to living life and doing the things she loves.


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About Strength of Our People

The Strength of Our People poster series contains stories that give us a glimpse of RQHR’s commitment to excellence and values into action. These true stories shared by staff and patients are not only inspirational, but recognize those whose actions made special memories for others.

To read our Strength of Our People series click here.