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Quality Improvement News - Surgery

Shorter in-hospital waits for emergency surgery

14-Mar-2017:  Recent improvements have reduced patients' pre-operative waits for surgery by half.

Stroke Prevention Clinic changes reduce patient wait

07-Jul-2016:  People with stroke-like symptoms – who are referred to the Stroke Prevention Clinic for preventative follow up – are now seen by the clinic within an average of three to four days post-referral, rather than the previous six to eight.

Better care for dialysis patients

06-Apr-2016:  All dialysis patients now get their transonic tests when they need them.

Safer care for surgical patients

05-Apr-2016:  Pre-operative patients at Pasqua Hospital whose surgeries are cancelled now get food/fluid within a reasonable time after cancellation.

Better care for surgical patients

15-Oct-2015:  Patients recovering from surgery on Pasqua Hospital’s Unit 4D now know their care plans within hours of arriving on the unit.

Keeping families informed after surgeries

17-Sep-2015:  Two phone calls make a world of difference to families of admitted surgical patients at Pasqua Hospital.

Timely delivery of medications

07-May-2015:  Patients of Regina General’s Neurosciences Unit now consistently get their 8 and 10 a.m. medications on time.