Specialized Dementia Care at Regina Pioneer Village

This program is designed for individuals with the behavioral symptoms of dementia, who require a safe, and secure living environment.

On the specialized dementia unit the team provides:

  • a specialized environment for individual safety, security, and support;
  • care plans to manage dementia symptoms and behaviors;
  • holistic assessments;
  • nursing care;
  • medication supervision through administration and monitoring;
  • therapeutic activity and sensory stimulation;
  • client and caregiver teaching and support;
  • recreation and socialization opportunities;
  • nutrition, laundry and housekeeping services;
  • and pastoral care (optional).

Cost for accommodation in a Dementia Care Unit is based on the provincial income tested fee as set by Saskatchewan Health. Additional costs not covered by the accommodation fee include: transportation, clothing, personal grooming items, medications and medical supplies, incontinence supplies, supplies for oxygentherapy, mobility aids, dental, vision and prosthetic devices, telephone and cable services, and costs for ID bracelets and marking personal belongings.

Information on this service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information contact SWADD in Regina at 306-766-7200, or outside Regina at 1-800-667-1242.

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