Four Directions Community Health Centre: Speech- Language Pathologist

The Speech-Language Pathologist at the Centre works with children up to the age of 5 who need help with communication. Families of these children are included in the care. Speech-Language Pathologists work as part of the multi-disciplinary team at Four Directions and accept referrals from other health care providers at the Centre or from concerned parents.

At Four Directions, the Speech-Language Pathologist offers:

  • help for families with children who are late in talking or who are difficult to understand
  • assessments for why these delays in speech or language are happening
  • parent education and information
  • literacy promotion
  • daycare visits and outreach
  • help for parents to connect with other services for children, in Regina
  • help for families in learning how to better connect, play, and read with their children

Please ask a staff member about these services or talk directly with the Speech-Language Pathologist by calling 766–7544.

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