Four Directions Community Health Centre: Healthiest Babies Possible Program

The Healthiest Babies Possible Program supports at-risk pregnant women (before 34 weeks gestation) and their families up to 6 months after baby is born. Team members in the program include community health workers, a public health nurse and a nutritionist.

We offer:

  • Community Health Worker support with self-care and medical follow-up
  • transportation to Centre programs and medical appointments
  • access to an Elder, Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Nutritionist, Healer, Midwife and Addiction
  • Support Worker
  • childcare during programs
  • milk and vitamins
  • advocacy and referral for more support based on individual needs
  • prenatal information and support sessions including:
    • “Breast Friends Support Group” – for new or expectant moms who are interested in discussing breastfeeding ; held monthly. For more information, click here.
    • “Hands-On Cooking Circles” – as part of other programs to increase skills in preparing healthy meals and snacks
    • “Mossbag /Quilting Classes” – create a mossbag or quilt, and discuss traditional cultural practices and teachings about pregnancy and parenting
    • “Prenatal Classes” - learn about pregnancy, childbirth, caring for your new baby and becoming a parent in discussions with other mothers and staff. For the topics covered and more information, click here.
    • “Women’s Speaking Circle” – a group for women to share, to listen and to be heard
      celebration of program participation.

Give your baby a healthy start, Healthiest Babies Possible Program is here to help.

Call or drop in to join: 766-7540.

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