Four Directions Community Health Centre: Chronic Conditions Nurse Educator

The Chronic Conditions Nurse Educator works closely with the Nurse Practitioners, Healthiest Babies Possible Program, and the Sunrise Health Program to provide services to clients at Four Directions.

Chronic illnesses are any conditions that affect your day-to-day health, and are long term. Examples of chronic conditions that the Nurse Educator can help with are: diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma or other respiratory diseases, kidney disease, depression, cancer, along with many others.

This program offers:

  • education – may be individual, to schools or private organizations
  • support – in living with a chronic condition
  • prevention – of chronic conditions through promoting healthy lifestyles
  • assistance with management of chronic conditions
  • private consultations – no referrals are required
  • home visits – as needed

To contact the Chronic Conditions Nurse Educator, call 766–7540.

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