Four Directions Community Health Centre: A Brief History

In December 1993 the Regina Health District (RHD), brought together representatives from a variety of Aboriginal organizations, services, groups and communities “for the purpose of discussing the health status of aboriginal people (First Nations, Metis and non-status Indians) in the Regina Health District.” The consultation was to collect information on the health needs of Aboriginal people in the District, prioritize those needs and explore ways of continuing an aboriginal health needs assessment process. Questions addressed were around the current health condition of Aboriginal people served by the District, how wellness should be defined and what should be done to help people be well, and meet identified needs.

In December 1996, Four Directions Community Health Centre opened its doors in the inner-city neighborhood of North-Central Regina.

There were three programs initially – Healthiest Babies Possible Program, Sunrise Health Program and the Aboriginal Community Development Coordinator position.

In 1999, Primary Care Nurse Services were added in a limited way, followed by visiting addictions counselling services.

A community advisory group called the Four Directions Community Health Centre Advisors’ Circle was developed early in the Centre’s existence to bring the community’s perspective closer to the Centre’s operations and planning.

In 2005, a Chronic Conditions Nurse Educator was hired to work with those facing such chronic health issues as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Four Directions Community Health Centre's goals were updated in 2000 as:

  1. To support community residents, particularly Aboriginal people, in taking greater control over their own health, and in striving for balance of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being
  2. To be a place of caring, learning and healing that addresses personal needs and the cultural, social and economic realities that determine health
  3. To co-operate and collaborate with community groups and agencies in joint health endeavors and coordinated services
  4. To ensure community residents are involved as advisors and participants in the Centre’s operation and development
  5. To promote health, prevent disease and improve health services in ways that best meet the needs of the community residents, particularly Aboriginal people
  6. To enhance the quality of community life by encouraging caring and compassionate relationships and action among all community residents
Four Directions is home to a multitude of staff and programming.
Programs and Services include:
  • Facilitated groups every afternoon, with childcare and snack available.
    Groups include:
    • Parenting Topics (e.g., ROLCOT- Reclaiming Our Lives, Creating Our Tipis)
    • Prenatal Classes
    • Women’s Speaking Circle
    • Focus On Fathers
    • Mossbag/Quilting Class
    • Living the Good Life
    • Recovery Group
  • Healthiest Babies Possible Program (HBPP) Funded in partnership with the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program through PHAC.
  • Primary Care services, including spirometry testing.
  • Outreach and Community Development. 4D staff routinely engage with the community and participate in events (e.g., Smudge Walk).


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