Strategic Direction

Better Health, Better Care, Better Value and Better Teams - Putting our Patients First

The Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region (RQHR) is committed to delivering health services from the patient’s perspective.

To reflect our commitment to providing patient and family-centred care and improving the quality and safety of our services, we are continuing our journey to establish RQHR as an organization that focuses on ensuring our patients, clients and residents receive the best possible healthcare experience.

Acting as a key partner in a single, integrated, Saskatchewan Health Care System is fundamental to our success. The RQHR is a key partner in the provincial planning process and works in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Health Quality Council, 3S Health, eHealth, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency and the 12 other provincial health regions. Through this process, the provincial Health System Plan was finalized. The plan sets out a vision for the future by outlining midterm outcomes and improvement targets that all health regions work together to accomplish. The plan is organized around the four provincial strategies of Better Health, Better Care, Better Value and Better Teams.

Figure 1 Provincial Health System Graphic
Figure 1 Provincial Health System Graphic

To support the goals of the Health System Plan, the RQHR has developed a Strategic Plan that aligns with provincial strategies (Better Health, Better Care, Better Value and Better Teams), outcomes and improvement targets. Our Strategic Plan will direct our efforts and provide clear focus as we work towards achieving our Vision of Healthy People, Families and Communities and improving access, quality and safety for the people we serve. Progress on the Strategic Plan is monitored quarterly.

The RQHR 2017-18 Business Plan is the region’s one-year operational work plan that guides the region towards achieving the goals and targets approved by the Board in the Strategic Plan. The Business Plan focuses on high priority, cross-functional initiatives, measures and targets where Senior Leadership Team (SLT) has joint responsibility for leading, monitoring and reporting. The Business Plan is supported by cascading plans throughout the organization developed at the portfolio, service line, program and unit levels. All plans support the three areas of focus: Quality and Safety, Access/Patient Flow and System Sustainability.

The Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region is committed to creating a system that focuses our services from the perspective of the patient, resident, client and family journey.  We continue to focus our collective efforts on improving the quality and safety of the services we provide, improving access to patients, and using our resources wisely to build for the future. The Region realizes that by getting these foundational elements right, the quality of our care will continue to improve while helping to ensure the sustainability of our health system.

Living Our Values

Employees and Physicians working in the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region have chosen to work for a quality health services provider.  To help us achieve our Vision of Healthy People, Families and Communities, the RQHR has a clear set of values that our behaviours must reflect.  These are Our Values.  By “Living Our Values” we can each help to create an environment that fosters respect, pride and accountability while enhancing our relationships and reputation.

Strength of Our People

The “Strength of Our People” series features stories of compassion and care by Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region staff.

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