The Health Information Management Systems (HIMS) department of the SHA Regina Area manages all patient information through paper charts and electronic databases, including retrieval, organization, correction, analysis and presentation of health care information.

HIMS Director: Cathy Makie 766-4405

Manager, Data Quality: Lee Ann Carr 766-4406

HIMS Staff

  • Front office
  • Coding division
  • Medical transcription
  • Health record clerks
  • Analysts

What can HIMS do for you?

  • Prepare a data summary report for a hospital unit
  • Assist with chart reviews
  • Assist with setting up new forms or revising existing ones
  • Assist with release of personal health information for patients, ensuring that current privacy legislation is adhered to

Depending on the scope of the request, Research Ethics Board Approval may be required. For staff and students, more details can be found on their internal website.

HIMS Process for Research Requests

HIMS receives hundreds of requests for access to information for research each year. Requests must be approved by the Research Ethics Board and plenty of notice given to staff to access charts. All investigators and students should review the details on the Process for Research Request found below before developing a research study.