Dr. Thomas Rotter

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External Research Associate University of Saskatchewan Key Interests: Health services research, implementation research, large scale evaluations, clinical pathways, health quality improvement science.

Dr. Thomas Rotter leads the Lean evaluation team as nominated principal investigator. He holds the Research Chair in Health Quality Improvement Science at the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S).  Most recently at Maastricht University, his research focused on the rigorous investigation of inter-professional models (such as clinical pathways [CPWs]) on patient safety and economic outcomes, and the implementation and evaluation of an interdisciplinary quality improvement program. Funded international projects include a cluster trial of clinical pathways for heart attack management in rural emergency departments in Australia and a cluster-randomized implementation and evaluation of clinical pathways to improve paediatric emergency care in 16 Ontario community hospitals. Dr. Rotter has led a number of multi-centre collaborative evaluations of clinical pathways and has strength in knowledge synthesis, taking the lead on a seminal Cochrane review on Integrated Care Pathways in hospitals, and facilitation of interdisciplinary research teams.