Dr. Robin Evans

External Research Associate University of Saskatchewan Key Interests: perinatal nursing, adolescent mothers, nature of nursing practice, and nursing care delivery models.

Dr. Robin Evans began her research training with a doctoral in education through the University of Regina, Faculty of Education. This qualitative research focused on nurses’ practice with adolescent mothers as understood by adolescent mothers and nurses and led to the unpublished dissertation from which she has made two presentations.

In 2006, Dr. Glenn Donnelly, University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Ginette Lemire Rodger, The Ottawa Hospital, and Dr. Evans obtained $96,199 from Saskatchewan Health, as co-principal investigators, to implement a common practice model in a regional Hospital in Cypress Health Region and evaluation of the impact of adoption of this model. This research has recently been extended into rural health programming within the Health Region for which they received an additional $86,782.

In 2007, Dr. Evans was awarded a grant from the Nursing Research Endowment Fund, Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region to study the experience of fatigue in postpartum women in hospital. Two nurses who are employed on the Mother Baby unit are her co-investigators on this research project. Recruitment to this study has been very slow and they are currently considering alternate strategies to increase participation.

Dr. Evans was awarded funding of $70,100 in 2008, from the Health Workforce Retention Program, Saskatchewan Health to fund and evaluate the effect of additional staffing on implementation of the changed model of care on the Mother Baby unit. This study is approximately 60% completed with data collection anticipated to be complete by October 2008.

She has been working as academic professional liaison with the Labour & Birth and Mother Baby unit, as well as the Executive Director, Maternal Child Services since 2004. Dr. Evans has been a member of the Audit subcommittee of the MOREOB program, assisting with the design and evaluation of a number of audits directly related to clinical practice including induction of labour, postpartum hemorrhage, and newborn temperature.