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External Research Associate University of Regina Key interests: homelessness, “at risk” youth, action research.

Dr. Marc Spooner is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education, University of Regina. He specializes in qualitative and participatory action research translating theory into action-on-the-ground. His interests include: creativity/deviance, effects of homelessness and poverty, “at risk” or “at-promise” youth, social justice, activism, and participatory democracy. He has published in a variety of venues including peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, government reports, and popularizations.

He has been a two-time University of Regina Teaching and Learning Scholar (2006-2008; 2008-2010) and has been featured as a “best in the class” professor in the Globe and Mail’s Canadian University Report 2010. Together with colleague Dr. Patrick Lewis, he co-chairs a popular discussion series, Talkin’ about School & Society, which takes place not at the University, but rather at a local resto/bar. The series aims to move the discussion of critical issues that ultimately affect us all outside of academia and into the wider community. In 2006, he was a founding faculty member of RPIRG (Regina Public Interest Research Group) at the University of Regina; Saskatchewan’s first public interest research group. Marc has served on the boards of several community-based organizations in Regina, including John Howard Society-Regina and Carmichael Outreach.