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External Research Associate University of Regina Key Interests: movement skill acquisition, in particular how children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) learn, plan and perform fundamental movement skills.

Dr. Kerri Staples, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies at the University of Regina. She joined the faculty in 2009 following the completion of her PhD in Kinesiology (specializing in Adapted Physical Activity) at McGill University. Throughout her doctoral studies, Kerri was a research fellow in a national, interdisciplinary Autism Research Training program that provided extensive training and mentorship (www.traininautism.com) and a unique opportunity to learn from, and collaborate with, many of the top autism researchers in Canada. Her research interests are focused around movement skill acquisition, in particular how children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) learn, plan, and perform fundamental movement skills.

During her graduate studies, Kerri developed and conducted the initial validation of an obstacle course task to examine how children plan their movements. This line of research is intended to facilitate the development of evidence-based recommendations related to intervention services and teaching strategies that will encourage the development of movement skills among young children with ASD. As such, her research is also related to the promotion of inclusive practices, providing children of all abilities with the movement skills needed to achieve successful participation in physical activity pursuits and maintain an active lifestyle throughout their lifespan. Collectively, her research highlights the importance of movement skills to overall development and physical activity to overall health and well-being.