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External Research Associate University of Regina Key Interests: nurse practitioner, advanced practice nursing, nursing care delivery models, retention, and scope of practice.

Dr. Glenn Donnelly‘s research training was initially from his doctoral program. Initially he was attracted to hermeneutic inquiry, particularly the open discovery method of Max Van Manen. Dr. Donnelly’s doctoral dissertation was an analytic hermeneutic analysis of the clinical practice of advanced practice nurses (Nurse Practitioners & Clinical Nurse Specialists) in Saskatchewan, in which he attempted to uncover the taken-for-granted meanings and understandings of the daily practice of advanced practice nurses in their work. This research resulted a bound unpublished doctoral dissertation leading towards a PhD, and four publications in peer reviewed journals, three of which were international; and two invited paper presentations. Dr. Donnelly’s work in advanced practice nursing has resulted in consultations at the several Canadian and international universities. This work was also used in the development of the University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing Master of Nursing-Nurse Practitioner program.

From 2002-2006, Dr. Donnelly was on faculty with SEARCH (Swift Efficient Application of Research to Community Health). SEARCH is sponsored by the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research and through faculty recruited from Universities in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Liverpool delivers a two year program cycle to build research capacity in health professionals from regional health districts in Alberta and Saskatchewan. This program is delivered using seven week long intensive residential modules, on line inter-modular assignments and two supervised research projects. Using an evidenced based frameworks participants acquired skills in choosing, creating and using research. As a faculty member on the project team Dr. Donnelly was responsible for supervising students in conducting research across Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Dr. Donnelly is currently an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Regina, where has been active teaching in the Undergraduate program. He also was instrumental in development of the Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) program, and is presently supervising (with Dr. D. Gregory) a PhD Nursing student. Dr. Donnellys current research interest is in Obesity and Bariatric Surgery. He has completed a small scale study which examined the post operative experience of individuals who have had adjustable gastric banding performed. In 2014 he and Dr. Elizabeth Domm were funded to do a study examining the hydration status of individuals who have had bariatric surgery. In 2013, Dr. Donnelly received Specialty Certification in Obesity Professional Education (SCOPE) from the International Association for the Study of Obesity.

With Dr. Liz Domm, Assistant Professor he published research findings on RN Scope of Practice. In the open source On Line Journal of Nursing. He has recently published two articles on Nursing Patients with alcohol addictions and Binge Drinking with Dr. Arlene Kent-Wilkinson of the University of Saskatchewan. And Alecia Rush RN of the Canmore General Hospital. He along with Dr. Elizabeth Domm of the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Regina and Bonnie Raisbeck of the Nursing Division of the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology have a book chapter in Gregory, d., Raymond, C., & Patrick, L. (2014) The Art and Sciences of Canadian Nursing.( 1st Ed.) Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.