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External Research Associate University of Regina Key Interests: nursing education, preceptorship, unsafe student practices, clinical teaching and evaluation.

Dr. Florence Luhanga is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Nursing, University of Regina. Her undergraduate and PhD are in the field of nursing, and her Masters degree in education.

Her primary research interests include nursing education, preceptorship; unsafe student practices, clinical teaching and evaluation, ‘failure to fail’ unsafe or underperforming students. Other areas of interest include curriculum development and evaluation, patient safety within nursing education, HIV/AIDS (PMTCT) and Women’s health.

Dr. Luhanga’s program of research has been primarily in the area of preceptorship and unsafe student clinical practice. In her doctoral dissertation she investigated challenges that nurse preceptors encounter when precepting students who display unsafe performance in the clinical setting. Dr Luhanga has presented her doctoral research at local, regional and international conferences. She has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals with international audiences such as Nurse Education Today, Journal for Staff Development for Nurses, and the International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship.

Dr. Luhanga has also explored preceptors’ perspective regarding the impact of the use of the Preceptor Resource Manual. She has also explored the decision-making process faculty engage in when dealing with baccalaureate students who are assessed by their preceptors as having unsafe practice in the final year of the undergraduate education. More recently, Dr Luhanga was the principal investigator in a multidisplinary (Education, Nursing, and Social work) research exploring the issue of ‘failure to fail’ unsafe or underperforming students in professional programs.

Currently, she is exploring the evidence related to clinical teaching models currently being used in nursing education and other health related professional programs from a patient safety perspective.