Dr. Alan Rosenberg

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External Research Associate University of Saskatchewan Key Interests: pediatric rheumatology,earliest origins of disease, inflammation, autoimmunity, and transitional care.

Dr. Rosenberg graduated from the University of Saskatchewans College of Medicine. Following specialty training in pediatrics at the Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto, and the Winnipeg Childrens Hospital, University of Manitoba he did subspecialty training in pediatric rheumatology at the University of British Columbia. He returned to Saskatchewan in 1981 to establish the provinces first program in pediatric rheumatology.

Dr. Rosenberg has maintained patient care programs for children throughout Saskatchewan with arthritis and related rheumatic diseases. He has maintained an active research program as the director of the Pediatric Rheumatic Disease Research Laboratory. Dr. Rosenberg is a former Head of the Department of Pediatrics, University of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon District Health. He is the current Director of Pediatric Research at the University of Saskatchewan. His research priorities have included studies of childhood rheumatic diseases and he leads studies that are showing how genetic, lifestyle and environment interact to influence the occurrence and outcomes of disease. He is also leading a study that will reveal how inflammation occurring during pregnancy can influence the occurrence of disease in the child. He is involved in mentoring undergraduate and graduate trainees.