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Improvement Work in Saskatchewan

Putting Patients First: Transforming Health Care in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is applying continuous improvement approaches to create a patient- and family-centred health care system.


The patient voice

Patient advisors share their experiences

Karsen Riddell, Cindy Dumba and Jessica Bonish reflect on their improvement contributions and why they support the work.


The staff voice

RHQR staff share why they support continuous improvement

Amy Strudwick, Tamara Quine, Tom Stewart and Sandra Lynn explain why they want to help create a patient and family centred health care system. 


Daily Visual Management

Watch a huddle/wall walk

A wall walk/huddle is part of daily visual management. It is a short, stand-up meeting which brings the area manager and staff together at the same time each day or week. The manager reviews the team's progress toward achieving Region or unit targets posted on the area's visibility wall. Staff input is welcome. Pasqua Hospital's Emergency and Radiology departments demonstrate how they do a daily huddle.

Daily production board help manage work

A daily work (production) board is a tool that creates a visual representation of each team member's workload and an area's work demands. Teams huddle daily around the board to understand and share the work that needs to be done. Watch how Child and Youth Services and OR Scheduling use their boards.

A "first in, first out" inventory management system, where the oldest inventory is used first and not bypassed for newer inventory, prevents waste and ensures a continuous flow of supplies. It uses visual cues to signal when supplies need to be reordered. Orders take place "just in time" so that only the supplies needed are on hand. Inventory management implementation projects involve frontline staff and are supported by improvement specialists. Travis Bell explains how an inventory management system helped Pasqua Hospital's Emergency staff, while quality improvement teams discuss their project work at Regina General Hospital's Central Pharmacy and Pasqua Emergency.

Report Outs

3P at Meadow Primary Health Care Centre

3P stands for “production,” “preparation” and “process.” This approach enables participants to take a big-picture look at how a service is offered or product is designed. This process makes it easier to identify gaps and inconsistencies in care. Teams are guided through the process of generating ideas before they determine what to implement. 3P was used to design the Meadow Primary Health Care Centre.

Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPIW) drives change

A Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW) is focused on a particular process in which the people who do the work are empowered to eliminate waste and reduce the burden of work. RPIW teams are comprised of senior leaders, staff members and patient advisors, and are supported by quality improvement specialists. Teams prepare for nine weeks before the five-day RPIW and audit the results 30, 60, 90 and 180 days following the event to ensure the new procedures have been sustained. Teams report out their achievements in a public event at the end of RPIW event week. RQHR recorded our first 24 RPIW report outs.