Our Team

Quality improvement staff share a common goal: creating a patient-centred health care system.

They are trained in the use of quality improvement approaches and devote their time to coaching and teaching managers, physicians, clinicians and staff about ways to solve complex and simple health care provision issues.

Our team is made up of registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses, licensed practical nurses, respiratory therapists, paramedics, patient safety experts and more. They have seen the need to improve health care first hand. Their priority is to improve the health care experience of our patients’ and their families, and our staff and physicians, by eliminating waste, such as unnecessary waits, and system defects.

Employees are the change

Quality improvement specialists come from the front-lines to work with patients and families to improve health care. In these video testimonials, quality improvement specialists share why they joined our improvement team.

Amy Strudwick, a registered psychiatric nurse with 14 years of front-line experience in acute care in Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region, says she became an improvement specialist because she could no longer do nothing while the health care system was in crisis.
Tamara Quine is a registered psychiatric nurse with 18 years of front-line experience. She is the Region's patient- and family-centred care specialist. Tamara is enthusiastic about her role because it puts patients and their families first.