Our Daily Work

Daily management is an approach to running an organization where staff members take the time each day to evaluate their progress towards meeting the organization's improvement targets and measure how they compare against the organization's overall progress.

Daily management allows the organization to stay on track and creates the groundwork for effective problem solving.

Key elements of daily management are daily huddles, visibility walls and standard work. Daily huddles, or meetings, bring staff together to "get on the same page" while visibility walls, which consist of relevant charts and data, make the work of the organization or unit visible.

Work abnormalities become apparent and easier to address while gains can be nurtured and sustained. Standardized work, which requires defining a uniform way a task is done, is important because it serves as the baseline for improvement work.

Daily management training sessions
Learn how to design and develop your own unit/department specific visibility wall. Participants will be provided with standard work for daily huddles and a facilitator guide which outlines the steps required to create a visibility wall.

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Visibility walls

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Daily work (production) board

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Standard work

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