HIV PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis is the use of medications to lower the risk of getting HIV. It is recommended for people who are at an increased risk of getting HIV.

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What are some ways to reduce the risk of getting an HIV infection?

  • Regular condom use
  • Choosing lower risk sexual activities
  • Safer drug practices
  • Regular testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • PrEP: Pre-exposure prophylaxis

Who might want to consider starting PrEP?

PrEP is recommended for people who are at an increased risk of getting HIV such as;

  • Men who have sex with men who don't always use condoms and have multiple sexual partners
  • People who have previously had sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis 
  • People who don't always know the HIV status of their partners or have partners with detectable HIV viral loads.

How well does PrEP work?

If the medicaton is taken daily as it is prescribed, it can reduce a person's risk of getting HIV from sexual contact by 92-99%.
PrEP will not protect an individual from getting other STIs such as chlamydia, gonnorrhea or syphilis. 

What are the side effects of PrEP?

  • Some people may experience an upset stomach, diarrhea or nausea when they first start taking PrEP.
  • These effects generally disappear within one or two weeks.
  • Taking the medication with food or before bed can help. Let your pharmacist know if they are very bad or do not go away.
  • Long-term, PrEP may slightly alter your bone density and how your kidneys work. These effects are minor and do not impact your overall health. Both of these effects disappear if you stop taking PrEP and your bones and kidneys should return to normal.
  • Your provider will monitor this to make sure you stay healthy.

How much will PrEP cost?

As of April 2018 PrEP is available at no cost to all Saskatchewan residents.

Where can I get more information on PrEP and protecting myself?

In Regina we have a PrEP clinic set up with a multidisciplinary team that will assess individuals,  prescribe the medication and provide the required follow-up testing on a regular basis.  Call 306-766-3935to talk with a member of our team.


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