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The purpose of the Perinatal Client and Family Advisory Council is to serve as a formal mechanism for involving families and parents in policy and program decision-making in our Labour & Birth, Neonatal Intensive Care, and Mother Baby units as well as in the community for postpartum care and services within the Saskatchewan Health Authority for Regina and area.

The council meets and provides advice to administration, physicians, providers, and staff about health care from a patient and family member’s perspective. This Council addresses matters that specifically relate to care during certain perinatal periods, such as prenatally, during the birth of the baby, and the postpartum period, both in the community and hospital settings.

Client and Family Centered Care in Maternity and Newborn Services

Health Canada explains that family-centered care recognizes that pregnancy and birth are normal, healthy events in life where family support, participation in health decisions, and choices in the care received is important. The complex and individualized process to deliver safe, sensitive and expert care to the woman, her family, and newborn during the perinatal period involves many individuals with the client and family being the most important member. Health care providers and staff involved in the care of the woman and her family provide emotional, physical, and psychosocial support throughout the experience.

Committee Members

New membership for September 2018

Membership on the Council

Potential advisory committee members may be nominated by health care staff and providers, or self-nominated. Members may be clients, spouses of patients, or immediate family members of clients who received their care in the Labour & Birth, Neonatal Intensive Care, or Mother Baby units at Regina General Hospital or otherwise within the Saskatchewan Health Authority for Regina and Area. A letter seeking members will be sent out to a broad range of health care providers and staff articulating the mission and goals of the Perinatal Client and Family Advisory Council and how they can identify potential members for us.

Honorariums will be offered to cover costs associated with being on the Advisory Council. Designated staff will be present at meetings to support the Council in their selected topics and discussion.


For Further Information Contact:

Leah Thorp, Coordinator, Perinatal Outreach Education Program
Social Work Team Leader Women's and Children's Health SHA
Phone: 306-766-0707

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